Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gandarusa, Bikin Sperma Loyo

UPAYA untuk menciptakan alat kontrasepsi pria alternatif dari ekstrak daun Gandarusa (Gendarussa vulgaris Ness) tampaknya masih belum bisa diwujudkan dalam waktu dekat. Penelitian tentang potensi tumbuhan ini masih terus dilakukan oleh para ahli di Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Airlangga Surabaya, dan baru memasuki riset tahap kedua.

"Risetnya baru memasuki tahap dua, jadi saya kira masih lama untuk bisa dirilis sebagai alat atau obat kontrasepsi," ungkap Kepala Badan Koordinasi Keluaga Berencana Nasional (BKKBN), Dr Sugiri Sjarief dalam temu pers Memperingati Hari Kontrasepsi Se-dunia di Jakarta, Kamis (23/10).

Gandarusa, terang Sugiri, diyakini memiliki potensi menjadi pilihan bagi pria selain dua jenis kontrasepsi yang ada saat ini yakni kondom dan vasektomi. Penelitian Gandarusa mendapat dukungan BKKBN karena efeknya yang mampu mempengaruhi kemampuan sperma pria.

Gandarusa diyakni mampu mempengaruhi produksi enzim hialuronidase dalam sperma laki-laki. Enzim inilah yang berfungsi melunakkan dinding sel telur sehingga sperma dapat menembus sel telur wanita untuk proses pembuahan.

Efek Gandarusa terhadap penurunan aktivitas hialuronidase sebelumnya telah diteliti pada spermatozoa mencit. Penurunan aktivitas hialuronidase yang timbul akibat pemberian ekstrak gandarusa membuat sperma tidak mampu menembus sel telur.

"Nah bentuk kontrasepsinya ini yang masih dalam penelitian, apakah nantinya yang lebih efektif dalam bentuk pil, suntikan, apa mungkin susuk. Penelitian tahap dua baru sebatas menemukan konstelasi antara pengaruh ekstrak terhadap sperma," ungkapnya.

Untuk penemuan lain tentang adanya obat atau zat lain yang berpotensi menjadi kontrasepsi pria lainnya, Sugiri menyatakan BKKBN sejauh masih belum menerima informasi baru. "Untuk riset-riset yang lain belum ada. Belum ada yang memberi harapan baru," tandasnya.

Sumber :

You are responsible for the success of your job search. Other people can help you along the way, but ultimately it is up to you. Here are some tips on how to achieve your goal of getting a new job:

Stay positive
You can expect to sometimes have negative emotions during a long job search and it may seem difficult to remain positive.

Keep your spirits up by:

making sure you are still doing the things that relax you and make you happy such as exercise, spending time with friends and enjoying hobbies and interests.
taking time to dream. To offset some of the negative thoughts and feelings that may creep in when you've been job searching for a while, spend some time thinking about the future you would like to create for yourself.

joining a support group. Contact career advisors in private business, educational institutions and community organisations and ask for leads to support groups that can help you maintain a positive attitude.

setting up a positive support system. Talk to your family and friends and let them know what they can do. Work out who is prepared to support you and let them know what they can do to help. For example, you may need feedback on a cover letter, an opinion on interview clothes, childcare or just someone to talk to.

Be adaptable
Be open to the possibility that your next job might be two or three part-time jobs or contract work. Accept that the world of work has changed so that you don't shut yourself off from opportunities.

Think about the skills and expertise you can contribute to a potential employer's success, rather than a certain job title or role (for example, 'I'm a shoe salesperson'). Stay open to new ideas, think creatively and take risks.

Be persistent and patient
One of the main reasons people don't achieve their career objective is that they give up too early. Job searching is hard work and there are times when you will get discouraged.

If your search is not producing the results that you would like, avoid blaming yourself and try a different way of doing things.

Remember to also be patient. Your best efforts will not always produce immediate results. Don't take it personally when employers take their time in responding to your call or application - many are very busy.

Keep focused
Just about anything will sound better than looking for work, but don't get distracted.

Your priority is to find that new job. Be willing to explore and pursue every job lead, but focus your time and efforts on quality leads. The quality of leads and the quality of the effort matters more than the quantity.

Develop a routine
Work out a job search routine and stick to it. It will help you stay motivated and focused. If you are unemployed you may find it helpful to structure your day by:

developing a schedule and sticking to it
setting your alarm clock to get up
dressing like you would for work.
Plan your week
Set aside certain days, or certain hours of the day, for your job searching. Keep in mind the core business hours of the desired industry.

Be consistent in the amount of time you spend each week looking for a job. Regular effort is more likely to bring rewards.

Write 'to do' lists to keep you on target - a weekly one at the start of the week and a daily one every morning.

Prioritise, but ensure balance. On a typical day you should work on all parts of your job search (for example, generating new leads, following up leads, writing application letters and preparing for interviews).

You might find that you are more effective at some tasks at certain times of the day. For example, write application letters when your mind is fresh and energy levels high.

Set goals
Identify what you plan to accomplish. For example, if you set 9am to 12 noon Monday for responding to weekend newspaper advertisements, your goal could be to write five letters of application. Tuesday morning's goal could be registering with four labour hire companies, and 1pm to 4pm may be scheduled for making direct telephone contacts.

Be realistic, but challenge yourself. When you set a schedule make sure it is one that can be achieved. As you perform your tasks you will feel a sense of control and accomplishment.

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